Quick links: Less film, new toys

A few random links:

Fujifilm cuts some films from its lineup: The lack of Astia kinda hurts me, but I'm mostly a Provia and Velvia shooter. If those go, I'm going to be really ticked off.

Rayqual makes a Micro 4/3rds adapter with a tripod mount. This is totally necessary. Lenses that feel OK on my Canon TX can feel really awkward on a Micro 4/3rds camera.

Two new Serious Compacts: Ricoh GR Digital IV and Powershot S100. Ricoh adds "Hybrid Autofocus" for faster autofocusing speeds, and Canon adds a GPS.


Obligatory silly camera story: I had my E-P3 at work the other day and was taking a few pictures of the coworkers. One of them mentions how seventies it looks. I told him that's probably a good thing because that means it matches all of my other cameras, which really are from the seventies.

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