This website should look a little different now

London Heathrow Arrivals

It's generally regarded as stupid to spend a bunch of time writing your own CMS. It's about as productive as spending time shooting test charts. But I did, back in the 2004-2007 timespan. And, the thing I wrote had a lot of neat features for a hybrid between various website types, something that could handle photographs really well, but also handle text really well.

But there were some deep issues with the structure of things, and I spent the time period since 2009 working on a replacement. Around 2014, I started getting really serious about the new replacement and started stealing time from all of my other activities to work on it, to give it the sorts of functionality that my existing site had, but also add a few handy features that were driving me mad.

Lately, it's started to come together, which dis-incentivized me from adding content. I finally got some accidental time to really fix the heck out of it lately.

It should look significantly better on a high-resolution display, with all of the graphics replaced by vectors and all of the photographs set up with responsive imaging.

Now, it's time to start clearing out the content backlog. :)