Wirehead Arts is devoted to the landscape, night, portrait, art, and infrared photography, plus the pottery and sculpture of Ken Wronkiewicz, a San Francisco Bay Area based artist and artistic hacker, as well as writings about the techniques of art.

His photography includes landscapes all around the world - both during the day and at night, work with a variety of models, unique lighting techniques, and things he found interesting.

Good photography is Presence, Skill, Lens, Equipment
It's hard to really describe what makes one photograph awesome and another one bad in such a way that the meanings of the words that I presently use to represent abstract ideas in my brain map to the same mysteriously indescribable abstract ideas in your brain. So it's how I view the art right now, but it's probably verifiably wrong in all sorts of ways.
Mirrorless Cameras Making Sense
Olympus launches PEN E-P5 (via)
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