Wirehead Arts is devoted to the landscape, night, portrait, art, and infrared photography, plus the pottery and sculpture of Ken Wronkiewicz, a San Francisco Bay Area based artist and artistic hacker, as well as writings about the techniques of art.

His photography includes landscapes all around the world - both during the day and at night, work with a variety of models, unique lighting techniques, and things he found interesting.

The best camera is the one you've got with you... or a mirrorless convert
I really hate that my new phone doesn't have a keyboard. I've been using phones with keyboards on them for quite some time and I'm kinda annoyed that the whims of the marketplace have meant that nobody buys a keyboarded phone anymore. On the bright side, my phone now has a decently good camera, maybe as good as the previous generation of iPhone cameras. It's pretty good and it really demonstrates why people aren't buying compact cameras anymore. Why carry a camera that's only mildly better than your phone's camera when your phone is there in your pocket?
Mirrorless Cameras Making Sense
Olympus launches PEN E-P5 (via)
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