Adventures I've gone on.
I find this more important than most. I have an unhealthy desire to see my art outlive me. Perhaps I really just have an overdeveloped sense of personal importance. I don't know. Either way, I hang out with archivists and debate things with them.
Other Photographer
Sometimes I bring a friend along on a shoot. Sometimes they come as an assistant. Or sometimes it's a meeting of equals.

If you look at a famous painting, you don't wonder what brand of brushes the now-decomposing artist used. Of course, if you go to a painters forum, you'll see passionate debates about which brand of brush to use.

Only a poor craftsperson blames their tools, but a good craftsperson will tend to get better results with better tools.

I'm primarily a film shooter, even though outside of photography, I'm quite "digital". My tastes in cameras are best described as somewhat idiosyncratic. I like to own reasonably priced cameras that can be made to produce excellent results.

Colors highlighted in a piece.
Photography Criticism
There is a multitude of avenues to discuss photography. Photography criticism is not about talking about what sucks, but discerning the individual aspects of the art.
Much can change about a film depending on what chemicals you put it in.
This is the century of product discontinuations. We went from everybody shooting nothing but film to everybody shooting digital in the blink of an eye, which really screwed things up at the different providers.
Film emulsion
There's a multitude of emulsions available, even after a lot of them have been discontinued. Each one reacts a little differently to light, both in terms of requiring more or less light, but also in terms of reacting in various unique ways to light.
Lighting implements. I have a variety of lighting implements I use, some of them homebrew, some of them off-the-shelf.
Companies who make the toys I use.
People who have posed for me.
People who I've worked with in the past
Photo gear
Miscellaneous photography gear I use.
A few shots on this site were taken by other photographers and put up here with permission.
Places where I've taken pictures.
Review compensation

It's important for you to understand where and how a reviewer acquires stuff. On one side, there are the things that you personally purchase, where if you don't like it you are going to be quite pissed. On the other side, there's the review where you are paid to write a positive review...

Most stuff I talk about on this site is stuff I've personally acquired. Sometimes I get freebies, however, and I felt I should disclose them

Photographer's Rights
Protecting my right to take pictures.
Sets of blog articles I've written on particular subjects.
Photographic Subjects
I like to photograph all sorts of stuff.
Photographic techniques I use.