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I was sitting with my wife talking about how I got some neat stuff from Yosemite that she'd been nagging me to scan and post scanned. And I'd opened this one up in Photoshop to show her it at 100% and figured I'd finish editing it once I'd cropped out a few extraneous elements.

I, of course, don't post 100% versions. But the 100% version of my medium format photos are generally at least 25 megapixels and you can zoom in to look at the pixels and realize that every pixel contains textural detail and not just grain or blur. This is partially using a good camera. This is also because I'm also fairly careful about focusing and aperture.

Conversely, I'm actually quite cavalier about camera support in bright sunlight. Even though everybody goes on and on about how important a tripod is.

Recent photographs:



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