Some random Canon G7 thoughts, observations and tips

Things to do:

A + H



Things you might want to be aware of:


Quirks common to most Cannon P&S cameras:

Arch of circuitry


I've been spending a lot of time shooting with the G7 because I still don't have a back for my RB67, which is really my favorite camera at this point. I got one from KEH, but it wasn't quite right, so I sent it back. And apparently their shipping folks put a priority on new orders and kinda let exchange orders slide a little so it hasn't made its way back to me yet.

I have been actively convincing folks to use a Sunpack 383 Super recently. Most people I know don't have any sort of flash hardware and I think that it's because they see how much a Canon 430EX or Nikon SB600 costs and decide to get better lenses instead.

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