Kodak IR film is gone, for real this time

Wishing water

At least Kodak gave us some advance warning this time and actually posted it on their website....

Kodak announced that they are dropping EPR, EPN, and HIE in December.

EPR and EPN are two fairly old pre-t-grain films that were only really popular because people were used to them. They are technologically inferior in many respects, so, while it's a tragedy, it's not the end of the world for those folks.

HIE is one of the best infrared films ever. I'm going to miss it. Some of my favorite nudes were taken with it and there are some techniques with it that cannot be reproduced with any other films or modified digital cameras.

So I'm fairly sad about this. Sure there's Ilford SFX and Efke IR820c, but it's not quite the same. Gotta stock up, I guess. Like everything, you have your time in the sun with something and then it's gone. Sometimes you get sick of it, sometimes it gets taken away.

On the bright side, Kodak discovered that there is money to be had selling film, so they released a new version of T-Max 400.


I should note that I shot another roll of HIE with Melinda a few days ago. Were I to have known that the number of HIE rolls I'd be shooting was numbered, I'd still have pulled out a roll or two... she's well worth it.

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