Vivitar 285HV is actually not gone...

So, Vivitar was once a huge player in the photography market. Largely because they made a brilliant series of "Series One" lenses and some rather good flashes, back in the days when men were real men, women were real women, and everybody focused manually. But their fortunes have waned over the years. Eventually, Syntax-Briliant picked them up, but they went bankrupt recently.

Still, the Vivitar brand name is valuable. So Sakar picked up Vivitar and is going to make yet another go at it. Moshie from Midwest Photo Exchange was told that the 285HV was gone... but apparently Sakar contacted him and let him know that the 285HV was going to be kept in the lineup. With some internal upgrades, even.

Also, the folks at Midwest Photo Exchange have something up their sleeve. I'll probably want to get both the new-new 285HV and his flash, assuming that they are both as cool as the people in the know are making them out to be...


The specifications that Midwest has let loose so far are:

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