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This one took a little bit of work, planning, and freezing myself. See, it was cold up on twin peaks and I didn't have enough warm clothes.... but I still wanted to sit my camera on the tripod and take some shots, so cold be damned, I'm going to take my shots.

Also, too many people around to use my usual technique of sitting in the car with the camera on the tripod taking a long exposure.

For some reason, the RB67 does a bang-up job of catching star trails.... much more than I can with a 35mm camera. Maybe I'm deluding myself and it's the same as any other camera. Maybe it's just because the RB67 works like a dream. Except for the part where you need to advance the film back separately from the shutter.

But I love Sutro Tower. Ever since I saw the cover of Don't Be Afraid by Information Society, which I listened to a LOT right before I moved out here. So I'm glad that I finally have, I feel, done it justice.

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