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This is not Photoshopped. Well, it was, but all I did was sharpen it.

This is Ektachrome IR, a color film that doesn't see colors the way you and I do. See, greens come out as blue, reds come out as green, and IR comes out as red. So her armwarmers were not yellow.

The weird, crazy, and slightly fun part is that skies and skin both come out vaugely the way you'd expect them to.

Sadly, Kodak's discontinuing this particular film. There's no replacement. There's no competing products. There's no way that a digital camera can be coaxed to do this without a very large budget for a special purpose camera. So this will be a brief interlude in my technique and will then be gone forever. :(

I had vaguely mentioned superheros to Kimberly and she showed up already prepared with this wardrobe, including sunglasses. She's good like that.

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