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So, I've been wanting to do IR strobist photography. Ursula having a few shots of EIR was a good excuse.

Also, the last set of her in her fishnet bodysuit ended up getting damaged, so I wanted her to be able to have some awesome fishnet shots.

So this is a 144PC on her A-1 and 17mm lens optically triggering a 383 Super on a light stand into an umbrella. I decided to run with a rumpled piece of mulsin as the ground.

I should note that her fishnets were, as far as visible light was concerned, black.

Photographing a woman with a 17mm lens (and remember, this a full-frame 17mm lens, not a crop-factor one) works better when the woman being photographed is Ursula, who knows exactly how close you end up getting while using a super wide angle lens and so doesn't reach over and clock me on the head for being too close.

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