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It's a weird thing between us photographers and models. See, if a model has worn a particular "look" with one photographer, the other photographers who have seen her book will tend to want her to wear something else. On the other hand, I tend to like to champion the cause of under appreciated things. Like biking to work or dry rose wines. It turns out that this particular bodysuit had been used in a prior shoot with Sasha and the photographer quite correctly followed the philosophy that models generally don't like the idea of wearing other people's underwear. So, it's either that she takes it home or it gets binned. But I felt it fit properly with the aesthetic I've been working on, so that's what I had her pose in.

Lighting details: One Vivitar 285HV to the left, zoomed in, with an orange gel. One Sunpak 622 to the right, zoomed in, with a blue gel. The Vivitar was optically triggered, the 622 was cable-triggered.

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