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My first trip to the Anza-Borrego Desert
My first trip into the Anza-Borrego Desert to take some pictures and experiment with some techniques
The difference between art and porn
There's a fine line one treads when people wearing anything less than the sort of clothing one might wear to a formal dinner are involved in art: Where does something cease to be art and start becoming un-artistic pornography?
My rules for shooting models in the cold
What to do when it's cold out and you don't like shooting winterwear.
Lunar Eclipse 2/20/2008
Some pictures of the 2/20/2008 eclipse
Lunar Eclipse 8/28/2007
I got up in the middle of the night to take some pictures of the eclipse. Here is some video I made out of some of the digital shots I took. I also took some film pictures, but those need to be developed. first.
Five rules for working with models
Five simple rules for working with models. Not being creepy is only number two...
Having another person involved in a shoot.
I was talking with a photographer at one point and he asked why I bother with models. See, it is a huge time sink for me to find models to work with. My lightpaintings are often limited by exactly how long I can get a model to stay still, so sometimes I get back film from a shoot and find that the model is very blurry. And sometimes, I set up a shoot and the model never shows up at that appointed time and place which really wastes my time.
Questions from the search engines
I like to view what people are hitting my site about so that I can make the content of my site more useful. Sometimes, I'll notice a search that seems to ask a question but I'm not sure if I've got a great answer for it, so here's some short answers...
This weekend: Two models, broken hardware, and the moon
So I told Mimu that I'd tell everybody she went on a rampage and broke all my gear, because after our shoot, I was down one flash, one lightstand, and one tripod....
TFP Documentary / Image Theft / Leica M8
Somebody's writing a documentary about the TFP modeling community, some more thoughts on image theft, and a Leica M8 is shown to be pretty awful for real use in Iraq.
What it's really like to spend time photographing mostly naked women
I feel that every guy has this misapprehension that asking a girl to pose nude is like coaxing a girlfriend out of her clothing. Or that there must be a sexual connection between model and photographer. Really, the whole public perception of this sort of photography is very skewed.
Some observations on working with models
A few observations about working with models.

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