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Giottos MH-5000 head
I want the impossible. I want a lightweight geared head vaguely like the Arca CUBE for under $200. Failing that, a good pan-tilt head with a ARCA-Swiss type mount. Unfortunately, neither of these are available. Actually, there aren't even any really good geared heads for cheap, heavy or not. So I ended up getting one of the fairly hard to find pan-tilt heads that doesn't have a quick release at all and I'll buy some proper quick release hardware later..
Phase One Achromatic Plus Review(via)
This is about the only way you could get me to shoot B&W digital. Actually, it's kind of a lust object now, along with a fairly comprehensive set of filters.
Compact point and shoot cameras are basically interchangeable
One of my friends wanted a compact point-and-shoot camera to replace her broken camera. And I realized something...

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