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The Worst Cameras of 2009(via)
It's so refreshing to see a site that will tell you what really sucks, instead of what's just above average.
Recent thoughts on the minimum amount of gear
It's better to not cart every last piece of gear you own around. I'm fairly bad about dragging most of my gear with me if I'm driving somewhere, but if you aren't careful, this can really get into your way. Like my friend who was complaining that he dragged a bunch of camera gear around but didn't take a single shot.
Kodak thinks that just because your camera has a beach mode, that doesn't mean you should take it to the beach(via)
This is inexcusable as far as camera design goes.

There's a world of difference between a weather-sealed professional camera or a waterproof camera and a normal camera, but any reasonable camera should be able to be taken to the beach for a few hours without breaking.
Rolleis to Roll Again?(via)
So it looks like somebody picked up some of the rights to Rollei cameras, which means that some of the hardware could return.

Cynically, I understand that if you can make the Rollei TLR and continue to sell it, people will buy them and put them on a shelf somewhere. Just like Leicas.
I think I might need a new monitor sometime soon
The last monitor I actually purchased was a 15" Sony CRT sometime in the late nineties. Since then, I've obtained progressively larger CRT displays, culminating with a 21" Sony Trinitron, for free. But now my most recent CRT is starting to act up...
Kodak resizes and discontinues some chemicals
I got word that Kodak is discontinuing some sizes of chemicals and even discontinuing selling some of them...
Ricoh GXR system(via)
I've been out and about, which is why I didn't post about this earlier. Ricoh is offering a new system that allows the user to swap out a lens-sensor unit.

I'm not sure what to think of the Ricoh GXR. Clearly there's an advantage here. With a big-sensor prime lens and a small-sensor zoom lens, you don't have anything big and bulky... But the engineer in me figured we've got a few cranks of Moore's Observation (you know, the one that says that CPUs get twice as fast every 24 months?) such that the usefulness of the GXR as a long term system purchase isn't likely to be great. But, on the gripping hand, I should also note that my PC still has serial ports, even though it can go many times faster via USB, so maybe it's less of an issue than I think.

I am, however, very much impressed by how quirky Ricoh is allowing themselves to be. In a world of look-alike digital SLRs, it's nice to see some variety.
Chasing Galen(via)
Galen Rowell is one of the links on the long chain of truly inspirational wildlife photographers. If Ansel Adams was the master of the super-sharp black and white print, Galen was the master of the 35mm Kodachrome and Velvia slide, taken while messing around up in the mountains.

I thought this story was worth sharing, about this while I drove through Bishop, off to photograph some of the same scenery that he'd photographed when he was alive.
Olympus E-P2 and two lenses officially announced - 1001 Noisy Cameras(via)
I've been following these cameras for a while. Good thing I didn't pre-order the E-P1 now that the E-P2 is on the way out. :)
Weddings and the hardcore photographer
There are two wedding-related curses for photographers...

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