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Like I said before: Samsung decides to drop in on the Serious Compact market, too(via)
Like I said before: "...if [the 4/3rds design] works out for Olympus, it's trivial for Nikon, Canon, Pentax, or Sony to pull the exact same stunt.." I just forgot to mention Samsung specifically.
The nikon D90
Some years ago, I helped a now-former-co-worker with his moviemaking. My biggest contribution was being the caterer and making sure that his cast and crew was the best fed cast and crew in the entire bay area film scene....
Canon G10 Information Posted at Pop Photo Website(via)
The official rumors on the G10! My bet is that the sensor is still tiny and the biggest improvement is going to be the dedicated exposure compensation dial. I could be wrong, however.
Canon EOS 50D and a new lens(via)
Canon ups the number of megapixels and the maximum ISO on their two-digit digital SLR series and makes a 18-200 superzoom competitor to the Nikon superzoom. And still no 5D replacement?
How to outshine the sun
The idea of making light that's brighter than the sun is a source of constant amusement whenever I use it. If I wanted to do this sort of stunt with video, we'd be talking the sort of lighting gear that they used in the days of Technicolor that left actors and actresses complaining about eye damage from the bright lights...
Thoughts on the Serious Compact camera category
Because I view my "primary" cameras as being best carried as clusters of heavy but high-quality hardware, I've realized that I'm really a Serious Compact junkie without realizing it.
Polaroid 20x24 Lives On...(via)
I've been nursing a desire to save up a bunch of money and go to the Polaroid 20x24 studio for a session. I guess I still can.
A return to the slide film vs. print film thing
I wrote a blog entry 2 years ago in response to Nikolai's post on the subject and I kinda wanted to return to some of the things covered, since I've done a lot more shooting and understand some of the numerical figures much better...
Coolpix P6000 with GPS, Ethernet, and No Macs Allowed(via)
13.5 megapixels (meh), built in GPS (really cool), 28mm equivalent on the wide side (good), and built in Ethernet, which I've never seen before. Also, the new RAW format only works with Windows, which is probably one of the dumbest things I've ever heard.
Micro Four Thirds(via)
So I'd actually thought of this before the announcement but didn't post anything about it.

This should let Olympus/Panasonic/Leica make a digital camera that looks sort of like an M-series, but with more modern conveniences than the M8 has. It'll have all of the advantages of a serious compact camera like the G7 or G9 including video recording (note the 16:9 aspect ratio) but with much improved image quality.

Plus, it allows Olympus to recover their investment in cooking up the four thirds system, much like the four thirds system let Olympus recover some of their investment in the OM system.
Leaf AFi 10 almost as cool as film(via)
Rollei ended up in an interesting position at the start of the medium format digital revolution. See, Rollei has generally made cameras that are even higher-end than the notationally high-end Hasselblad, giving you a bunch of really nifty features that weren't available elsewhere. And, instead of developing a 645 system, like Hasselblad's H-mount, they kept at their 6x6 format, merely offering decent 645 backs for it.

Well, now they, and Leaf, have announced the Leaf AFi 10, which is the first digital camera to have the same nice egronomics as my RB67, where you can select a horizontal or vertical orientation by sliding the sensor. If I was a digital shooter, I'd be coveting one right now.

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