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Far beyond the megapixel race
Every time somebody bumps up the number of megapixels, there's always another set of blog posts about how useless the megapixel race is. But I don't think they get it right all the time...
The Online Photographer: Olympus E-P1 'Digital Pen' Officially Announced(via)
Okay, feeling digital camera lust for the first time in at least a year.

I'll write more about this later...
My thoughts on the Olympus E-P1
Several years ago, I looked up how big the old APS film cameras were, under the assumption that, given that a dSLR is the same size as an old film SLR, it will eventually be possible to make an APS-C digital camera the same size as an old APS film cmaera. This turns out to be awfully small, especially with a prime lens. I also eventually read about the Olympus PEN series. And the Pentax Auto 110 SLR system.
The E-P1 to Scale(via)
The Online Photographer provides a size comparison for the E-P1.

I'm betting that I can pocket it, based on that.
Olympus Japan declares June 15 announcement day - 1001 Noisy Cameras(via)
This could be very interesting. The long-rumored micro 4/3rds camera that is actually tiny, unlike the G1?
Olympus finally does the right thing for the 4/3rds mount
One of the central arguments of the 4/3rds mount was that digital camera sensors were destined to stay small, thus, a new mount for these smaller sensors, with a smaller lens throat and registration distance so that the lenses could be smaller and lighter, only covering that 4/3rds mount size. Of course, Olympus kinda screwed it up.
The last word on PMA 2008
There's been some hope that we're going to stop seeing the fairly stupid megapixel race progress and might actually see some new features in cameras. As usual, it didn't happen this PMA.
Thoughts on the Serious Compact camera category
Because I view my "primary" cameras as being best carried as clusters of heavy but high-quality hardware, I've realized that I'm really a Serious Compact junkie without realizing it.

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