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What I'm up to lately, and the aftermath of PMA
Some notes on film, some cool and not-so-cool stuff out of PMA, and a few more tidbits.
Your half-yearly reminder: Back up your stuff!
So, just a reminder to everybody... Back up your stuff regularly!
New Canon announcements... and new features here
Canon announces the 1Ds Mk III and the 40D... my G7 is obsolete... and I add commenting
So if you were wondering why there hasn't been any new content here in a bit...
I'm moving around disks at home. See, I was getting this vague feeling that my collection of disks...especially the pair of disks that I got in the wake of my last hard drive crash... was getting a little old. And the "CPU overheating" siren on my Linux box went off, so I decided to take that as a sign that I need to shake up my hardware configuration before stuff started smoking...
Familiarity that transcends the bounds of time and marketing
Familiarity brings friendship, which is why my favorite lens is the lens I've owned the longest...
On my astonishing lack of gearlust
I'm very stingy with gear. When I purchase anything, I spend a lot of time researching and agonizing over it. I think more than a hundred bucks is a lot of money to spend on a lens. I make lighting bits out of cardboard and gaffer's tape.
Moving sucks!
I'm really looking forward to the new apartment. There's a lot to look forward to about it. The problem is, I haven't done much shooting in weeks because of all the moving stuff...
The new site is live!
One of the realizations that came with using a lot of the new Web 2.0 services is that if it's easy to deal with, I'll use it. My queue for articles and pictures to post here has been historically far longer than I actually get around to posting because it takes a fairly long sequence of events to actually post things. There's a lot of stuff that is left over from when I created the site in the space of a weekend so that I'd have something to put on my business card that I could hand out at my first gallery showing.
This weekend: Two models, broken hardware, and the moon
So I told Mimu that I'd tell everybody she went on a rampage and broke all my gear, because after our shoot, I was down one flash, one lightstand, and one tripod....

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