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Ascension 03
A benefit for the SFLNC
Writer Response Theory interview
Writer Response Theory did an interview with Ken recently.
The Nokia N95 demo in San Francisco
Just a quick note that I'm going to be helping demo the Nokia N95 (which has one of the better cellphone cameras on the market right now) next week.
The new site is live!
One of the realizations that came with using a lot of the new Web 2.0 services is that if it's easy to deal with, I'll use it. My queue for articles and pictures to post here has been historically far longer than I actually get around to posting because it takes a fairly long sequence of events to actually post things. There's a lot of stuff that is left over from when I created the site in the space of a weekend so that I'd have something to put on my business card that I could hand out at my first gallery showing.
The Light and the Dark: Photography that Challenges and Mystifies
From April 01 to April 30th, "Dancing through Light " will be on display at the Alameda Art Center as part of "The Light and the Dark: Photography that Challenges and Mystifies" show, juried by Robert Buelteman.
Mneme Gallery one day preview opening
Mneme Gallery one day preview opening
January Cafe showing in Caffe Mono
From Jan 04, 2006 to Feb 01, 2006, seven pieces were on display at Caffe Mono
Febuary Cafe showing in the Coffee Society, Cupertino Library
From Feb 18, 2006, to Apr 04, 2006, six pieces were on display at Coffee Society, Cupertino Library
cATacLySmIc mEgAshEaR rAnCh open studio
From Aug 6, 2006, to Aug 10, 2006, six pieces were on display at: the cATacLySmIc mEgAshEaR rAnCh
August Cafe Show in Citizen Cupcake -- Canceled
Some months prior, they had redecorated Citizen Cupcake and no longer have room for hanging art. Apparently the woman who was booking artists didn't keep sufficient records for them to be able to actually contact all of the booked artists... and was no longer with the company.

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