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Six ways to take really awful pictures
Once you get to the point where you can remember to take the lens cap off, load film or a memory card into the camera, and remember to push the shutter button when things look interesting through the viewfinder or LCD, you are finished with being dumb, right? Not really. Everybody has a bad day. Here are some that I've encountered...
New Panasonic has Superwide, Superfast Lens(via)
The Panasonic LX1 interested me, a long time ago, but never enough to get one. The new LX3 looks cool, assuming that there aren't any big stupid design errors lurking.

The lens goes out to f/2.0 and they brazenly decided to NOT add more pixels to the same size sensor as the LX2 had, instead making the sensor a smidgen bigger but at about the same resolution. Plus there's a flash hotshoe.

It's looking like the market for cool compact cameras for people with high end SLR cameras is heating up.
The difference between art and porn
There's a fine line one treads when people wearing anything less than the sort of clothing one might wear to a formal dinner are involved in art: Where does something cease to be art and start becoming un-artistic pornography?
Better Lighting Through High Voltage: Sunpak 383 Super is Gone / My new Sunpak 622
I've been pondering lately what I need to get my lighting gear back together. See, I've been bleeding strobes. First the one 383 super ended up in the bay, then my MS-1 failed, then my other 383 super failed, which leaves me the Sunpak Digital Flash and my Sunpak 144PC. The Digital Flash is OK, albeit low in power and the 144PC is what I use to trigger flashes, so that's just not comfortable.
NYC Photo Permit Rules Improved!(via)
NYC finally realized it just didn't work to require absolutely everybody to carry a photo pass.
I need to get a new tripod
I've come to realize that my tripod needs to be replaced. Like, right now...
This weekend: Two models, broken hardware, and the moon
So I told Mimu that I'd tell everybody she went on a rampage and broke all my gear, because after our shoot, I was down one flash, one lightstand, and one tripod....
Phase One P65+ Preview(via)
Impressed by the 50 megapixel Kodak sensor? How about a 60 megapixel sensor that's actually full-frame 6x4.5?
Introduction to films
It's been two years since I last wrote a comprehensive roundup of different types of film. I've shot a lot more film and I have a lot more to say this time around, so this article is going to be correspondingly longer. Several parts, in fact...
50 megapixels? If you made it like the G9, it would be 500 megapixels!
I talk about 500 megapixel sensors, diffraction, and the new Kodak 50 megapixel sensor.
Con-artists join the war on photographers - Boing Boing(via)
A new scam for con artists is to act like a plainclothes policeman and tell you you aren't allowed to take any pictures and ask for your memory card. Nice.
Strobist: Canon G9: The New Polaroid?(via)
And here I thought I was a little oddball for wandering around with my G7 and my RB67... but apparently everybody else does that too.
What really matters?
Some thoughts based on a conversation I had with a friend quite a few months ago.
My opinions on Black and White developing
I've tried to research black and white developing as much as possible before starting in on it, ranging from the writings of Ansel Adams to modern notes from other folks. It turns out that there's a fairly small number of absolute, un-arguable facts, so I decided to just post my personal opinions.
Is Full-Frame the Coming Thing?(via)
The real reason why full-frame cameras are so popular? Prestige. At the expense of all other possible digital cameras (notably the DMD concept for a camera)

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