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Since my RB67 seems to be a popular search subject
I noticed that a lot of search terms related to my RB67 are appearing in my log since last time.
There really isn't much good info on the web about the RB67, I'll give you, so I want to help others out. You can always email me, too. I love my RB67 and am more than glad to share the love with you. :)
Gaining stuff / Losing stuff
I'm not incredibly worried about the "death of film". I'm not tied to the use of film to the point where I'll have lost my creative outlet if it disappears, it just happens to be the right tool for the job. I'll buy a fancy expensive high-resolution digital SLR and move on with life. But there are supply problems with film.
My Mamiya RB67
Some months ago, I closed a stock photo sale and used the proceeds to add a new camera to my collection. I made the jump to medium format.

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