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Your half-yearly reminder: Back up your stuff!
So, just a reminder to everybody... Back up your stuff regularly!
Digital Photo Archiving: We're in deep trouble!
I'm going to write a series of articles about photo archiving in the digital age. I'm at an interesting position to talk about these issues. I am professionally a programmer with more than a passing familiarity with imaging algorithms as well as a photographer who has displayed his work in art galleries. My wife is in the process of finishing up her masters degree in Library and Information science and has a degree in History...
Digital Photo Archiving: Preserving digital files
We tend to assume that our file formats will be with us forever, often times because many of the commonly seen file formats have been able to stick around for a while. You can still download GIF images that people used to advertise their dial-up BBS systems in the eighties and nineties before everybody was on the Internet.
So if you were wondering why there hasn't been any new content here in a bit...
I'm moving around disks at home. See, I was getting this vague feeling that my collection of disks...especially the pair of disks that I got in the wake of my last hard drive crash... was getting a little old. And the "CPU overheating" siren on my Linux box went off, so I decided to take that as a sign that I need to shake up my hardware configuration before stuff started smoking...
The story of three hard drive failures in a row... and of going back to the well
I'd also like to remind folks to keep backups. See, I'm in the midst of data hell and I only lost one night of sleep over it... and some pictures I took lately.
Digital Photo Archiving: Proven archival
People like to argue about the various archival value of various treatments, with an eye towards being able to know that if you use a specific combination of products, you'll be able to store your images for years to come.

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