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New Panasonic has Superwide, Superfast Lens(via)
The Panasonic LX1 interested me, a long time ago, but never enough to get one. The new LX3 looks cool, assuming that there aren't any big stupid design errors lurking.

The lens goes out to f/2.0 and they brazenly decided to NOT add more pixels to the same size sensor as the LX2 had, instead making the sensor a smidgen bigger but at about the same resolution. Plus there's a flash hotshoe.

It's looking like the market for cool compact cameras for people with high end SLR cameras is heating up.
Thom Hogan on the P6000, G10, and LX3(via)
I've been keeping my eye on these three cameras, given that one of the three is my current option when my G7 dies. Although I'm also holding out hope for a bigger sensor serious compact.

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