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Better Indoor Lighting: Handy little bits
After Christmas, I spent a bunch of time getting used to my new setup and building a lot of little bits to get my lighting where I want it to be. I also took a step back and decided I didn't like where my whiteground photos were going at that point; I wanted to do something else...
Digital Photo Archiving: Preserving digital files
We tend to assume that our file formats will be with us forever, often times because many of the commonly seen file formats have been able to stick around for a while. You can still download GIF images that people used to advertise their dial-up BBS systems in the eighties and nineties before everybody was on the Internet.
Hotshoe flashes for a Canon G7 or S5 IS
Two recent high-end Canon P&S cameras that seem to be popular with the buying audience have hotshoes. The G series of Canons have always had a hotshoe, but the S series hasn't until now.
August Cafe Show in Citizen Cupcake -- Canceled
Some months prior, they had redecorated Citizen Cupcake and no longer have room for hanging art. Apparently the woman who was booking artists didn't keep sufficient records for them to be able to actually contact all of the booked artists... and was no longer with the company.
Disaster Time! Part II: The Canon G7
So, my Canon A95, which was part of the Wirehead family between December 6, 2004 and June 10, 2007, with 11,800 pictures taken, was officially not repairable...
Disaster Time!
So, there I was, knee-deep in the bay, with water soaking into my camera gear. I returned to that point in time repeatedly over the next day or two. I could go back, without wanting to, and relive the experience, complete with the smell.

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