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Kodak says there is a resurgence for film(via)
I know some established pros who are shooting film who were formerly digital heads. And I sometimes print black and white at a darkroom populated largely by people under 30. Apparently the draw of film is not just in my imagination...
Olympus to End Development of 4/3rds Lenses(via)
Oddly, even though I spend more time every day on my bike than using my camera, I'm far more interested in Photokina than Interbike (the cycling trade show going on). Although, to be fair, the Photokinas between the EOS and F4 announcement and the Canon D30 were also probably a bit boring.

Olympus has a head-start on compact cameras with the Micro 4/3rds system... so they are reducing the energy they spend on the full-sized 4/3rds system. And, honestly, I kinda think they lost the SLR war but have been lusting after a Micro 4/3rds camera.
Beautiful Fuji(via)
The Fuji X100 looks absolutely killer. I feel giant surges of cameralust just looking at it.... not necessarily because of the retro-styling... really in spite of the cloying retro styling.

I'm also curious what the Olympus compact camera will end up looking like... and what the version 2 of the X100 will be like.
Photographer Offers Groupon Deal Using Stolen Photographs, Chaos Ensues(via)
This, obviously, is not a great way to get a killer portfolio.
Top Ten Ways to Separate the Cameraists from the Photographers(via)
Not totally true and not totally fair.... but.. :)
Nikon P7000, Canon G12 and why I still have a Canon G7
Serious compacts are near and dear to my heart. So, even though I've been ignoring increasing numbers of digital camera announcements because I don't feel that they actually offer anything new, I've kept up with the serious compacts, because my G7 is getting old...

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