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Better Lighting Through High Voltage: Sunpak 383 Super is Gone / My new Sunpak 622
I've been pondering lately what I need to get my lighting gear back together. See, I've been bleeding strobes. First the one 383 super ended up in the bay, then my MS-1 failed, then my other 383 super failed, which leaves me the Sunpak Digital Flash and my Sunpak 144PC. The Digital Flash is OK, albeit low in power and the 144PC is what I use to trigger flashes, so that's just not comfortable.
Another Kodak film discontinuation notice
A Kodak letter got scanned and passed around the Internet and it looks like another emulsion is gone -- Ektachrome 400X this time. They make some pains to explain that families of film other than 400X are not actually dead in the letter.
Introduction to films
It's been two years since I last wrote a comprehensive roundup of different types of film. I've shot a lot more film and I have a lot more to say this time around, so this article is going to be correspondingly longer. Several parts, in fact...
Gaining stuff / Losing stuff
I'm not incredibly worried about the "death of film". I'm not tied to the use of film to the point where I'll have lost my creative outlet if it disappears, it just happens to be the right tool for the job. I'll buy a fancy expensive high-resolution digital SLR and move on with life. But there are supply problems with film.
Guardians of culture, that's what they are!
One concept I hold very dear is the concept of being a guardian of our culture. Most of the time, this is a thankless, underpaid, and generally difficult task. Many excellent artists fill this role, but most of them don't make a good living... or even a living at all.. doing it.
Kodak IR film is gone, for real this time
Kodak announced that they are dropping EPR, EPN, and HIE in december.
KODACHROME: 1935-2009(via)
Kodachrome is gone.
More about the end of Kodachrome
As somebody who griped up a storm about Kodak's previous film discontinuations, I have to say that they are discontinuing film with the appropriate amount of respect for our loss this time...
Kodak resizes and discontinues some chemicals
I got word that Kodak is discontinuing some sizes of chemicals and even discontinuing selling some of them...
Kodak's dropping all IR films
I've been in a bit of a funk since Sunday morning when folks noticed Silverprint's post about HIE (High speed IR) and EIR (Ektachrome IR) being discontinued. At least this time, somebody gave us warning about it. Naturally, it wasn't Kodak. Folks called Kodak. The first to call got positive news that it wasn't discontinued.... but everybody else was told that the last cut is next month.
Lurking in random places / ReadyLoads gone
Readyloads are gone.. and some stories about being scared of getting stopped by rent-a-cops
Curtain Falls on 67II and 645NII(via)
Sadly, the Pentax medium format lineup seems to have reached it's final end, much to the dismay of my friends who are too limp-wristed to carry a Real Man's Camera (i.e. the Mamiya RB67/RZ67)
Polaroid 20x24 Lives On...(via)
I've been nursing a desire to save up a bunch of money and go to the Polaroid 20x24 studio for a session. I guess I still can.
Polaroid resuming supply of 3 types of film(via)
Polaroid is announcing that they will supply some Polaroid film. Of course, it's only the same stuff that Fuji already manufactures....
Some notes on the Polaroid film endgame
There's some folks spouting off about the Polaroid situation. It really sucks to lose your primary photographic medium and there's a lot of subtle points to making film that nobody outside of Kodak, Polaroid, Fuji, Agfa, and a few others really know, so there's a lot of uninformed emotional blathering and wishful thinking...

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