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Fujifilm selling Fuji instant film and cameras in America.(via)
I guess all of the Polaroid users who have been buying up the last of the Polaroid film have shown Fuji that there really is a market. The Fuji integral color film is pretty similar to the Polaroid stuff, just different sizes and shapes, so you need a new camera. But at least you can get a nice and instant film new in the stores again!
Polaroid 20x24 Lives On...(via)
I've been nursing a desire to save up a bunch of money and go to the Polaroid 20x24 studio for a session. I guess I still can.
Polaroid resuming supply of 3 types of film(via)
Polaroid is announcing that they will supply some Polaroid film. Of course, it's only the same stuff that Fuji already manufactures....
Some notes on the Polaroid film endgame
There's some folks spouting off about the Polaroid situation. It really sucks to lose your primary photographic medium and there's a lot of subtle points to making film that nobody outside of Kodak, Polaroid, Fuji, Agfa, and a few others really know, so there's a lot of uninformed emotional blathering and wishful thinking...
Polaroid gone?
So, we've known for a long time that Polaroid has lost their way. See, back in the seventies and sixties, they were a brilliant company that could do no wrong, led by Dr. Land and a team of expert engineers....
A smidgen of hope for some film(via)
The thing about the people who still shoot 8x10 and 20x24 polaroid film is that they are most likely to be able to put their mouth where their money is when they say they'll pay whatever it takes.
Polaroid saved?(via)
So it looks like Polaroid might be saved after all. Again, see how the important part was that they purchased the original factory and hired some of the original engineers, just like I pointed out they'd probably need to do.

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