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The digital + film road to long exposure
A set of pointers on how to get a good long-exposure night shot using film cameras without wasting tons of film.
cATacLySmIc mEgAshEaR rAnCh open studio
From Aug 6, 2006, to Aug 10, 2006, six pieces were on display at: the cATacLySmIc mEgAshEaR rAnCh
My exploration of black and white
One thing I've noticed that happens when you approach photography from an engineering background is that you tend to loathe black and white photography. I know that, starting out, I did. I was talking to another photographer and she said that one of her friends was an engineer like me and he also had a similar problem with black and white photography, always preferring color. It's throwing information out and we just don't like that.

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