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Sunpak Auto 622 Pro System
A review of my current favorite flash
The Diana Mini(via)
The Lomographic society has a fairly interesting looking square format 35mm camera. Should be excellent for the toy camera crowd.

I'm linking to Nicolai's site Photon Detector because I also feel that anything related to the Lomographic Society needs to be reported with more scorn than I can manage on some days.
Canon reintroduces S-series with PowerShot S90(via)
It's actually quite funny. I was just talking with my wife (who was grousing about the A400 on a trip because I had a shoot scheduled and needed the G7) about how I was unwilling to spend money on a new digital right now unless forced to because the camera market was getting interesting. What do I see but the next day this and the G11 announced? :)
Canon unveils PowerShot G11(via)
The megapixel race, at least for high-end Serious Compact cameras, seems to be over.

Actually, the G11 should make the decisions nice and agonizing whenever it's time to replace my G7.

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