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More questions from the search engines
I like to view what people are hitting my site about so that I can make the content of my site more useful. Sometimes, I'll notice a search that seems to ask a question but I'm not sure if I've got a great answer for it, so here's some short answers...
Slide Film
A review of the slide films available in 2008.
The real name of the game in future sensors
If I look at the advances in sensors and sensor processing that are coming out of the labs and sometimes even shipping in products, I realized something interesting. The game has changed at the research labs. See, previously, the goal was to make a sensor that had the highest resolution. Now, the goal is to still ship sensors with more megapixels but without changing the "real" resolution. And this may be a good thing.
Moving sucks!
I'm really looking forward to the new apartment. There's a lot to look forward to about it. The problem is, I haven't done much shooting in weeks because of all the moving stuff...

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