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Better Lighting Through High Voltage: Sunpak 383 Super is Gone / My new Sunpak 622
I've been pondering lately what I need to get my lighting gear back together. See, I've been bleeding strobes. First the one 383 super ended up in the bay, then my MS-1 failed, then my other 383 super failed, which leaves me the Sunpak Digital Flash and my Sunpak 144PC. The Digital Flash is OK, albeit low in power and the 144PC is what I use to trigger flashes, so that's just not comfortable.
Canon A590 IS
I'm a little scared about the A-series from Canon.

The A-series has represented a great Honda Civic (Or Toyota Corolla, which is the most recent car we've purchased) sort of experience. It's not excellent at anything in particular. It's not the smallest. It's not the most impressive. It's not the best in the darkness. But, at the very least, it gets you most of the way there. It takes decent pictures, has a decent user interface, and doesn't suck in any major way. And because it's utilitarian and not sexy, you don't pay tons of money for it.
Battery Hell... I think I may be out of it?
I've noticed that I suddenly have a lot of AA battery powered photo gear. There's the A95 which serves as my light/flash meter and photographic sketchpad that takes 4 AA batteries. There's 2 Sunpak 383 Supers and a 1 Sunpak 144PC, and each one takes 4 AA batteries. There's the kinda cruddy Sunpak Digital Flash that is now just used to trigger slaves off of my RB67 that takes 2 AA batteries. Finally, there's the Quantaray QS-1 that takes 2 AAA batteries
Bogen / Manfrotto 055XB
Review of my current tripod
Hotshoe flashes for a Canon G7 or S5 IS
Two recent high-end Canon P&S cameras that seem to be popular with the buying audience have hotshoes. The G series of Canons have always had a hotshoe, but the S series hasn't until now.
Disaster Time! Part II: The Canon G7
So, my Canon A95, which was part of the Wirehead family between December 6, 2004 and June 10, 2007, with 11,800 pictures taken, was officially not repairable...
Film notes, July, 2006
The problem with film reviews is that they get stale over time as things change and don't get updated.
Better Lighting Through High Voltage: Taking the series in a different direction
When I started out doing portraiture, I did only outdoor portraits during the golden hour. If you don't have much gear, it's great. My first portrait shoot was taken on my Canon A95 and came out quite well. And I did my art indoors with lightpainting...
Efke IR820c
My first look at Efke IR820c
IR film update
I'm going to write out a proper entry about my exploration of IR film as part of my series black and white and how I explore it. But I'm in the midst of information to share, so I'm going to share my thoughts and news now and worry about writing out a proper chronology of exploration later.
Better Indoor Lighting: Christmas!
The Quantaray MS-1, backgrounds, umbrellas, and models
Giottos MH-5000 head
I want the impossible. I want a lightweight geared head vaguely like the Arca CUBE for under $200. Failing that, a good pan-tilt head with a ARCA-Swiss type mount. Unfortunately, neither of these are available. Actually, there aren't even any really good geared heads for cheap, heavy or not. So I ended up getting one of the fairly hard to find pan-tilt heads that doesn't have a quick release at all and I'll buy some proper quick release hardware later..
My Mamiya RB67
Some months ago, I closed a stock photo sale and used the proceeds to add a new camera to my collection. I made the jump to medium format.
Since my RB67 seems to be a popular search subject
I noticed that a lot of search terms related to my RB67 are appearing in my log since last time.
There really isn't much good info on the web about the RB67, I'll give you, so I want to help others out. You can always email me, too. I love my RB67 and am more than glad to share the love with you. :)
Slide Film
A review of the slide films available in 2008.

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