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Lunar Eclipse 8/28/2007
I got up in the middle of the night to take some pictures of the eclipse. Here is some video I made out of some of the digital shots I took. I also took some film pictures, but those need to be developed. first.
A little more about the nuts and bolts of changing film speeds
Why film "looks" better at different speeds, super-high-speed films, dynamic range, and other issues necessary to understand film speeds.
New Canon announcements... and new features here
Canon announces the 1Ds Mk III and the 40D... my G7 is obsolete... and I add commenting
Porta 400NC vs. 400VC
I compare Porta 400NC and Porta 400VC against each other where one shot is taken right after the previous one.
What happens when you manually change film speeds? (Part I)
One of my friends was digging her film EOS camera out of storage after shooting digital and she wanted to understand what it was doing, so she asked me what happens when you tell her camera to ignore the DX coding on the back and set things manually.
The different kinds of developer machines
There are two basic kinds of film developing machines. The "Cine" machine and the "dip and dunk" machine.
Some random Canon G7 thoughts, observations and tips
Some thoughts after using the G7 for a while

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