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Canon G10 Information Posted at Pop Photo Website(via)
The official rumors on the G10! My bet is that the sensor is still tiny and the biggest improvement is going to be the dedicated exposure compensation dial. I could be wrong, however.
The Canon G10... and other P&S cameras
The G10 was announced... and it's pretty much like the Pop Photo advance leak.
The Online Photographer Was Wrong about the G10(via)
I'm surprised. The G10 is actually not half bad, even with tiny pixels on a tiny sensor. And TOP admits they were wrong about being so negative about it.
Thom Hogan on the P6000, G10, and LX3(via)
I've been keeping my eye on these three cameras, given that one of the three is my current option when my G7 dies. Although I'm also holding out hope for a bigger sensor serious compact.

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