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Olympus Japan declares June 15 announcement day - 1001 Noisy Cameras(via)
This could be very interesting. The long-rumored micro 4/3rds camera that is actually tiny, unlike the G1?
How to make stitched panoramas with Hugin
I'm unsatisfied with the present set of tutorials out there about how to make panoramas, so I thought I'd write my own. Most of the tutorials were written using many of the assumptions that old software enforced upon you. Modern stitching software is leaps and bounds above that and Hugin has become very modern very recently...
Lomographic Society continues to suck, co-opts Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day(via)
I love and hate the lomographic society. It's nice that they can market film to the masses as something that is cool and special and stuff.... but there's a point at which they become an obstruction to the market. I'm certainly not paying what they want me to pay for their cameras.
Still more panorama stuff
I found a nice JavaScript panorama viewer, so I upgraded the site...

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