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Hardware upgrades, software upgrades, and new LCD
I finally gave in and ordered the Dell U2410. My basic thought process was that the HP equivalent was too new and didn't offer anything persuasive above the Dell. The 27" and 30" versions were perhaps more expensive than I'd like. And if I didn't like the U2410 because it had banding or a color split, I could take it back...
Mini-Boom from MPEX(via)
MPEX and I go way back. When I was in grade school, my dad and I drove up from Cincinnati so he could buy me my Canon TX that has served me well ever since.

They also happen to be great at hunting down inexpensive camera gear for us off-camera strobist folks. Every time the Strobist blog covers the next piece of hardware they cook up, I feel myself reaching for the credit card... :D
The film Leica cameras are soon to be gone...(via)
It looks like there won't be any new film Leicas to join old Leicas on the display shelves of proctologists and lawyers everywhere...
Sony's return to the Pellix idea
A long time ago, before shutter and mirror design was sufficiently advanced, Canon made some Pellicle mirror cameras. The whole point was that you'd have a fixed mirror in place that would reflect some of the light up at the viewfinder and let the rest through to the film...
Tamrac Ultra Pro 7
My needs for carrying camera gear are often idiosyncratic. Normal people don't expect to use an RB67 and a Sunpak 622 in the field. I do, and I'd like to carry them on my bike too.

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