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DIY L-Plate / L-Bracket |
I've been wondering about this one myself. The nuts and bolts are obvious, but I was still thinking about how to bend a substantial piece of metal into an L shape, whereas this guy found a source where you can get already L-shaped pieces of metal.
How do I get the colors and image quality I do?
I got a question in my email about how I get my image quality and colors and I figured others might want to see the answer to it.
Some thoughts on video vs. stills in the 60fps full-frame world
So you've probably seen the RED cameras on the internet now. Their primary goal is to get filmmakers who are so very accustomed to shooting digital video for shorts and low-end products to shoot RED cameras when they work on big Hollywood productions. And, it turns out, many of the equipment needed for a digital video camera of high enough quality for Hollywood is also good enough for photography...
Hitler rants about D3x(via)
Apparently people are mad that the D3x is $8,000 for a 24 megapixel camera and the Sony A900 is $3,000 for a 24 megapixel camera (with Zeiss prime lenses available).

But you can always bring out an up-and-coming meme, I guess.
A Christmas List
Personally, I hate Black Friday when everybody is out shopping for Christmas joy on the same day, with doorbuster sales that have me worried about dodging bullets and getting trampled.
Nikon releases the 24 megapixel D3x(via)
You knew it was coming. The D2 line was split between the fast sports-oriented body and the slow landscape-oriented body. Now the same is true for the D3x vs. the D3.

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