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I'm proud of the local bubble burster and party pooper
Lane Hartwell forced YouTube to take down a popular viral video.
A modest attempt to inject some reason to the image stealing debate
ne of my friends took a really amazingly great image a few years ago with her point and shoot digital. Like, amazingly great. She posted it to flickr and got an absurd number of views and favorites and comments. The other day, she told me that she had removed it from public view...
My first DMCA Takedown Notice
There's a theory going around that we artists should be flattered by people 'stealing' our images. Because it means that somebody actually likes our work. People won't steal just any image, now will they?
TFP Documentary / Image Theft / Leica M8
Somebody's writing a documentary about the TFP modeling community, some more thoughts on image theft, and a Leica M8 is shown to be pretty awful for real use in Iraq.

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