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On Banning Photography from Restaurants(via)
When I was recently in Philly, I ate at Iron Chef Morimoto's restaurant. And proceeded to "food porn" my way through the meal. It's fun, it's participatory, and I didn't use my flash or try to disturb anybody else. And now some other high-end chef wants to ban this practice...
Security kooks force photographer out of his hoby(via)
Apparently a bus-spotter gets called a pedophile and a terrorist by security personnel and so he gave his hobby up after 40 years.
Con-artists join the war on photographers - Boing Boing(via)
A new scam for con artists is to act like a plainclothes policeman and tell you you aren't allowed to take any pictures and ask for your memory card. Nice.
London's Metro Cops need their head examined
London's Metropolitan Police have a new "keep your eyes open" campaign.Guess who the scapegoats are? Well, there's people with too many phones, your funny-looking neighbors... and photographers.
Lurking in random places / ReadyLoads gone
Readyloads are gone.. and some stories about being scared of getting stopped by rent-a-cops
Photo censorship vs. digital photography(via)
The most important pictures are often the ones the authorities have damn good reason to not let you keep.

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