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The difference between art and porn
There's a fine line one treads when people wearing anything less than the sort of clothing one might wear to a formal dinner are involved in art: Where does something cease to be art and start becoming un-artistic pornography?
Guardians of culture, that's what they are!
One concept I hold very dear is the concept of being a guardian of our culture. Most of the time, this is a thankless, underpaid, and generally difficult task. Many excellent artists fill this role, but most of them don't make a good living... or even a living at all.. doing it.
Hello, Kodak?
We have reached a new stage with Kodak, and I'm not pleased about it. With prior film discontinuations, Kodak gave advanced warning that a film was going to be discontinued, perhaps with a suggested replacement film. Now, we're faced with films being discontinued without the courtesy of advance warning so we can calibrate our process for a new film or alternatively stock up to complete a project while there's still film to be purchased.
A few thoughts on Serious Compacts and where the market is going
I'm wondering what's going to really turn out to work in the market. Right now, the Serious Compact market is mostly tiny sensors cameras like the G7/G9/G10 or the LX3. There's the Sigma large-sensor compact...
What really matters?
Some thoughts based on a conversation I had with a friend quite a few months ago.

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