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Lunar Eclipse 2/20/2008
Some pictures of the 2/20/2008 eclipse
17 Lies and half-truths in the Camera business
There are a lot of half-truths going around about photography. Generally, the various photographic equipment companies spread one or two of them, and then the various photography magazines and megasites play along because they realize that to go against what the photography companies want is a great way to not get access to the latest and greatest for review.
Polaroid gone?
So, we've known for a long time that Polaroid has lost their way. See, back in the seventies and sixties, they were a brilliant company that could do no wrong, led by Dr. Land and a team of expert engineers....
The last word on PMA 2008
There's been some hope that we're going to stop seeing the fairly stupid megapixel race progress and might actually see some new features in cameras. As usual, it didn't happen this PMA.

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