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Nikon announces the Nikon 1 system(via)
One of the things that motivated me to take the jump to Micro Four Thirds was hearing the rumors from fairly plausable sources that Nikon was making a mirrorless camera with a sensor smaller than the 4/3rds sensor.... because I think that the 4/3rds sensor is about as small as you really want to go.

So it's interesting, in that it will probably cause the other players to improve, but I think Nikon is working too hard to make a SLR that deliberately doesn't compete with their dSLR lineup. It kinda reminds me of the Nikon Pronea SLR series, actually.
Quick links: Less film, new toys
A few random links: Fuji cuts film from their lineup, Micro 4/3rds adapters, and two new serious compacts.
Canon+Nikon lose 35% market share in Japan to mirrorless(via)
I don't think it requires supernatural powers to predict that many of you will be buying a mirrorless camera in the not-too-distant-future. After all, quite a few of you purchased G-series Canons after I got my G7 and your G-series Canon will eventually wear out.
Fujifilm announces FinePix X10 high-end enthusiast compact(via)
There's still room for differentiation in the compact camera marketplace. The Fuji X100 has been selling quite well. The X10 should also sell quite well.

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