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Familiarity that transcends the bounds of time and marketing
Familiarity brings friendship, which is why my favorite lens is the lens I've owned the longest...
A reminder: You don't hate EVF's and Live View
There are a lot of people who are stuck to the idea that a good camera MUST necessarily have a reflex mirror. What makes EVF's really good wasn't obvious to me until I started shooting my RB67, even though my RB67 has a reflex mirror...
The Online Photographer Was Wrong about the G10(via)
I'm surprised. The G10 is actually not half bad, even with tiny pixels on a tiny sensor. And TOP admits they were wrong about being so negative about it.
Fujifilm selling Fuji instant film and cameras in America.(via)
I guess all of the Polaroid users who have been buying up the last of the Polaroid film have shown Fuji that there really is a market. The Fuji integral color film is pretty similar to the Polaroid stuff, just different sizes and shapes, so you need a new camera. But at least you can get a nice and instant film new in the stores again!
Sigma Corporation Acquires Three-layer Image Sensor Developer Foveon, Inc. - SIGMA CORPORATION(via)
Sigma, who has been the only user of Foveon sensors for quite some time now, has now completed the deal by buying the firm up.
Thom Hogan on the P6000, G10, and LX3(via)
I've been keeping my eye on these three cameras, given that one of the three is my current option when my G7 dies. Although I'm also holding out hope for a bigger sensor serious compact.
On my astonishing lack of gearlust
I'm very stingy with gear. When I purchase anything, I spend a lot of time researching and agonizing over it. I think more than a hundred bucks is a lot of money to spend on a lens. I make lighting bits out of cardboard and gaffer's tape.

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