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I'm proud of the local bubble burster and party pooper
Lane Hartwell forced YouTube to take down a popular viral video.
Five rules for working with models
Five simple rules for working with models. Not being creepy is only number two...
Another Kodak film discontinuation notice
A Kodak letter got scanned and passed around the Internet and it looks like another emulsion is gone -- Ektachrome 400X this time. They make some pains to explain that families of film other than 400X are not actually dead in the letter.
Better Indoor Lighting: Distilled advice
I was talking with some other photographers lately and the subject of lighting came up. The studio we were at had 6,000 watt seconds of power, including several power packs and some Alien Bees monolights. One of the other photographers asked me how I felt about the religious question of Packs vs. Monolights
It least twice so far, I've had dreams about expired film.

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