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The E-P1 to Scale(via)
The Online Photographer provides a size comparison for the E-P1.

I'm betting that I can pocket it, based on that.
More about the end of Kodachrome
As somebody who griped up a storm about Kodak's previous film discontinuations, I have to say that they are discontinuing film with the appropriate amount of respect for our loss this time...
KODACHROME: 1935-2009(via)
Kodachrome is gone.
My thoughts on the Olympus E-P1
Several years ago, I looked up how big the old APS film cameras were, under the assumption that, given that a dSLR is the same size as an old film SLR, it will eventually be possible to make an APS-C digital camera the same size as an old APS film cmaera. This turns out to be awfully small, especially with a prime lens. I also eventually read about the Olympus PEN series. And the Pentax Auto 110 SLR system.
The Online Photographer: Olympus E-P1 'Digital Pen' Officially Announced(via)
Okay, feeling digital camera lust for the first time in at least a year.

I'll write more about this later...
Photo censorship vs. digital photography(via)
The most important pictures are often the ones the authorities have damn good reason to not let you keep.

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