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I'm not incredibly worried about the "death of film". I'm not tied to the use of film to the point where I'll have lost my creative outlet if it disappears, it just happens to be the right tool for the job. I'll buy a fancy expensive high-resolution digital SLR and move on with life. But there are supply problems with film.
Leaf AFi 10 almost as cool as film(via)
Rollei ended up in an interesting position at the start of the medium format digital revolution. See, Rollei has generally made cameras that are even higher-end than the notationally high-end Hasselblad, giving you a bunch of really nifty features that weren't available elsewhere. And, instead of developing a 645 system, like Hasselblad's H-mount, they kept at their 6x6 format, merely offering decent 645 backs for it.

Well, now they, and Leaf, have announced the Leaf AFi 10, which is the first digital camera to have the same nice egronomics as my RB67, where you can select a horizontal or vertical orientation by sliding the sensor. If I was a digital shooter, I'd be coveting one right now.
Frankie & Heideke to close(via)
I'm somewhat sad about this. The latest Rollei 6x6 system sold as the Leaf AFi and Sinar Hy6, is the closest digital to having the Mamiya RB67 user experience. But Leaf is now owned by Phase One... and Phase One is already committed to the Mamiya system. But Rollei has been in bad shape for a long time now, so I'm not surprised.
Sigma delivers, Rollei doesn't
Sigma launches a 50mm f/1.4 lens and Rollei launches a fake-TLR camera with a bunch of LIE thrown in.

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