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What I'm up to lately, and the aftermath of PMA
Some notes on film, some cool and not-so-cool stuff out of PMA, and a few more tidbits.
Coolpix P6000 with GPS, Ethernet, and No Macs Allowed(via)
13.5 megapixels (meh), built in GPS (really cool), 28mm equivalent on the wide side (good), and built in Ethernet, which I've never seen before. Also, the new RAW format only works with Windows, which is probably one of the dumbest things I've ever heard.
Nikon announces the D700 and SB-900
News from around the web about the Nikon D700 full-frame digital SLR and the SB-900 flash.
The nikon D90
Some years ago, I helped a now-former-co-worker with his moviemaking. My biggest contribution was being the caterer and making sure that his cast and crew was the best fed cast and crew in the entire bay area film scene....
The last word on PMA 2008
There's been some hope that we're going to stop seeing the fairly stupid megapixel race progress and might actually see some new features in cameras. As usual, it didn't happen this PMA.
Thom Hogan on the P6000, G10, and LX3(via)
I've been keeping my eye on these three cameras, given that one of the three is my current option when my G7 dies. Although I'm also holding out hope for a bigger sensor serious compact.

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