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DIGIC, Venus Engine, and other fancy names for mundane products
Digital cameras need a computer processor inside to do their imaging magic, just like a lot of devices. My cellphone has one. My wife's iPod has one. Unlike my cellphone, which isn't advertised as having a Moto-Blast processor or something silly like that, some of the camera manufacturers have given their processor a name...
A modest attempt to inject some reason to the image stealing debate
ne of my friends took a really amazingly great image a few years ago with her point and shoot digital. Like, amazingly great. She posted it to flickr and got an absurd number of views and favorites and comments. The other day, she told me that she had removed it from public view...
Digital Photo Archiving: Proven archival
People like to argue about the various archival value of various treatments, with an eye towards being able to know that if you use a specific combination of products, you'll be able to store your images for years to come.
Cool new stuff for the new year
Just when we thought that Kodak was out of ways to improve films, they got even finer grain out of the 400NC and 400VC films

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