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The story of three hard drive failures in a row... and of going back to the well
I'd also like to remind folks to keep backups. See, I'm in the midst of data hell and I only lost one night of sleep over it... and some pictures I took lately.
Why do photographers obsess about sharpness?
Why do photographers obsess so much about sharpness? Why are there millions of threads online about which lens is sharper than the other?
My rules for shooting models in the cold
What to do when it's cold out and you don't like shooting winterwear.
Some notes on the Polaroid film endgame
There's some folks spouting off about the Polaroid situation. It really sucks to lose your primary photographic medium and there's a lot of subtle points to making film that nobody outside of Kodak, Polaroid, Fuji, Agfa, and a few others really know, so there's a lot of uninformed emotional blathering and wishful thinking...
Questions from the search engines
I like to view what people are hitting my site about so that I can make the content of my site more useful. Sometimes, I'll notice a search that seems to ask a question but I'm not sure if I've got a great answer for it, so here's some short answers...
Sigma delivers, Rollei doesn't
Sigma launches a 50mm f/1.4 lens and Rollei launches a fake-TLR camera with a bunch of LIE thrown in.

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